Hose Selection

Selecting the Proper Hose for your Application

Ensure you get the right hose for the job by following these seven steps when selecting or ordering a hose. By doing so, you can rest easy knowing you have a product specifically designed for your application. Need help with this? call us, we're the fluid conveyance experts.

STAMPED Hose Selection


  • Inside diameter, outside diameter and length of hose assembly
  • Specify if overall length, including fittings


  • What is the temperature of the medium being conveyed and the external conditions the hose is being used in? Internal (media and friction) and external (ozone and sunlight).
  • Most rubber compounds will naturally begin to breakdown as temperature approaches 200F.


  • The environment and condition of which the hose is being used.
  • Is there direct exposure to sunlight, chemicals, abrasion, heat, kinking, crushing, and degrees of bending?


  • Refers to what product is being conveyed, type and concentration.
  • Will the external components be exposed to the same media?


  • How much pressure is going through the system?
  • Be aware of any spikes in pressure and allow for these changes in the design of your assembly.
  • It is extremely important to be aware of the correlation between temperature and pressure.


  • Refers to the style, type, orientation, attachment methods, etc.
  • A hose assembly is rated for the lesser of the working pressure of the hose and the fittings.
  • We rate at a 4:1 safety factor as an industry standard.


  • Refers to testing, quality, packaging and delivery requirements.