Omni Services Fluid Conveyance Company Acquisitions

Over the years Omni Services has acquired several independent fluid conveyance operations. These have helped strengthen Omni both in buying power but more importantly with great employees that have broad experience in fluid conveyance products and markets. Below is a list of the companies Omni has acquired.

Allied Industrial Products - An Omni Services Acquisition

Allied Industrial Products:

Allied industrial products sold fluid conveyance products, rubber products, filters, belts, etc. Allied had a dedicated employee base and because they sold similar products and served similar markets, it was an easy transition. Allied helped Omni move into southern New England.


Shako Company - An Omni Services Acquisition

Shako Company:

Purchased in 1998 Shako had a large footprint in western NY with three locations; Latham, East Syracuse and Buffalo. Shako was an equal to Omni Services covering the New York geography and thus expanding Omni’s footprint and adding a NY distribution hub.


Mountain Fluid Power - An Omni Services Acquisition

Mountain Fluid Power:

Though Omni Services did not acquire Mountain Fluid Power, Omni did purchase their front counter fluid conveyance business. Omni continues to operate inside of the same location but with expanded product and dedicated service for fluid conveyance products. Mountain Fluid Power was long an associate distributor of Omni Services and we’re proud of the long relationship we shared and the way we were able to move forward in our separate ways each focusing on our core business.


Cedrone Luber Finer - An Omni Services Acquisition

Cedrone Luberfiner:

Longstanding Quincy, MA based Cedrone Luberfiner Sales came to Omni Services as an acquisition opportunity because of Brand Cedrone’s desire to grow the business in new ways with Omni’s help. We acquired Cedrone Luberfiner Sales while Brand Cedrone, the second generation proprietor, stayed on board and continues to run Omni’s Braintree location. This brought new product to experienced hands and has been a win-win-win for Omni Services, Cedrone Luberfiner and South Shore customers.


Flex Enterprises - An Omni Services Acquisition

Flex Enterprises:

Flex Enterprises had a 20 plus year history in the greater Rochester, NY area focused on manufacturers and OEM’s not only in western New York but throughout the eastern United States. Our relationship started first as a partnership which turned into an acquisition after both management teams concluded that we could be stronger as one. Flex brought formed tube experience, strengthened Omni’s OEM customer base and provided a location for a retail store in Victor, NY just south of Rochester.


Carolina Rubber Specialties - An Omni Services Acquisition

Carolina Rubber & Specialties:

Established in 1994 by Keith and Darlene Stauffer Carolina Rubber and Specialties serviced the local MRO customers with industrial hose, hydraulic hose, gasketing and rubber goods. Wanting to see the business continue while at the same time, enjoy some more time off, Keith and Darlene agreed to be acquired by Omni Services. Omni was glad to partner with a long standing local supplier while expanding into the South to support existing customers and grow the Omni footprint.