Leaf Vacuum Hose

Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Hose

Omni Services offers residential and commercial lawn & leaf vacuum hose. While the leaves may look beautiful as they change colors during the Fall season, cleaning up the mess they leave behind can be an arduous task. But with the introduction of the Flexaust Lawn & Leaf Vacuum Hose, the days of raking leaves are becoming a thing of the past. Omni services has the lawn and leaf collection products you need from polyurethane hose to thermoplastic rubber hoses for tractor vacuums, truck mount, and heavy duty municipal leaf vacs

Lawn and Leaf Vac Hose Municipal Loaders

Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Hose Truck Loaders



Flexaust Flexadux HT-W

Flexaust Flexadux TR HT-W Heavy Duty - The Flexadux TR HT-W is a heavy-duty lawn & leaf vacuum hose made by Flexaust. The HT-W leaf collection hose comes in several different diameters, including 8”, 10”, and 12” sizes, and lengths of 10’ and 25’. This specific hose is made from heavy weight thermoplastic rubber and reinforced by a steel wire spring. With its heavy-duty design, the Flexadux HT-W is perfect for truck loaders typically used in commercial operations. The leaf hose is built to withstand the harsh elements of nature with a coating that is resistant to moisture and UV rays.

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Flexaust Flexadux T-7W

Flexaust Flexadux T-7W Medium Duty - The Flexadux T-7W is a leaf collection hose that is made from medium strength thermoplastic rubber. The T-7W hose is reinforced with a steel spring wire helix and a polypropylene wearstrip for greater protection against excessive rubbing. The medium duty version of the Flexadux comes in a range of diameters from 2” to 24”, and lengths up to 50’ and is .03 thick. The Flexadux T-7W has a smooth interior to ensure that debris passes through easily.

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Flx-Thane HD

Flx-Thane HD - The Flx-Thane HD is made for large scale municipal loaders and leaf collection. The Flx-Thane HD is constructed from heavy duty polyurethane hose; reinforced with a coated spring helix. This hose can collect massive amounts of leaf material in a short time. This leaf collection hose is very resistant to abrasions, which means less chance of a leak. The Flx-Thane rages in size, from 12” to 18”, with lengths of 10’ and 25’.

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Flex-Tube PU

Flex-Tube PU - The Flex-Tube PU leaf & lawn vacuum hose is made for residential applications. The diameter of the medium weight coextruded clear thermoplastic hose ranges from 4” to 10”, with lengths of 50’ and 100’, which is perfect for use as a tractor vacuum. With the Flex-Tube PU being constructed from clear material, users can easily see if any debris gets clogged inside. As with other Flexaust hoses, the PU has a high resistance to abrasion thanks to its ABS helix design.

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Flex-Tube PV

Flex-Tube PV - The Flex-Tube PV is perfect for residential applications. Unlike other hoses from Flexaust, the Flex-Tube PV is made from clear, coextruded PVC, which makes for a rigid construction. In fact, the black helix system makes this hose so durable that it can be run over by a truck and it will immediately return to its original shape. The Flex-Tube PV comes in sizes from .75” to 12”, with lengths of 12’, 25’, and 100'.

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Flex Tube Bridge Clamps

Bridge Clamps - Omni Services also carries bridge clamps for flex tube hoses and are available in sizes 4" to 10". These are specially designed stainless steel band and welded stainless steel bridge with carbon steel screw. These fits over the helix creating a leak proof seal.