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Tube fittings are critical components in fluid conveying systems, securing connections between tubes and ports. All connections are potential leak points in fluid systems. Working with a knowledgeable supplier who offers multiple designs, helps assure a leak proof solution for your specific application. Omni Services offers single ferrule, double ferrule, o-ring seal face, flanged, flared, compression, bit style, and push to connect tube fittings, from stock. Omni Services Instrumentation and Process Division is dedicated to helping you source the right leak prook connections, meeting and exceeding your needs when it comes to selecting and suppling the right product for your application. Connect with Omni Services today.


  • SSP Duolok® - Interchangeable with Swagelok® brand tube fittings
  • SSP Unilok® - Interchangeable with Parker CPI™ brand tube fittings
  • SSP Griplok® - Interchangeable with Hoke Gyrolok® brand tube fittings


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Omni Services is a stocking distributor of many different tube fittings for instrumentation, process and purity applications along with tubing, valves, controls and sensors. Omni has extensive experience in the components that make up complex fluid transfer systems and is often called upon to help engineer the correct components. Omni is a unique partner in that we also have a formed tube division that bends hard wall tubing for production builds. Tube fittings connect these formed tubes, hoses and other components to complete your fluid transfer system. The key to tube fitting selection, is ease of assembly, reliability (leak proof), re-makeability, and competitive pricing.

Tube fittings are available in a variety of materials based on your media compatibility: 316 SS, Alloy 400, C-276, brass, PTFE, Nylon.


SSP Duolok Tube Fittings

SSP Duolok® Tube Fittings are engineered two ferrule Swage design tube fittings which provide efficient, reliable, remakeable, leak-proof connections in instrumentation and process systems. Warranted interchangeable and intermixable with industry standard two ferrule designs.

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SSP Unilok Tube Fittings

SSP Unilok® Tube Fittings offer engineered single ferrule Swage design tube fittings to provide an efficient, reliable, remakeable, leak-proof connection in instrumentation and process systems. Warranted interchangeable and intermixable with industry standard single ferrule designs.

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SSP Griplok Tube Fittings

SSP Griplok® Tube Fittings Offer another two ferrule Swage design tube fitting, to which also provides efficient, reliable, remakeable, leak-proof connections in instrumentation and process systems

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Fitok FR Series Face Seal Fittings

Face Seal Fittings Use FR or FO series oring seal face fittings for high purity applications. Face seal Orings provide high performance, high purity tube fitting sealing. Either design helps eliminate possibility of environmental contamination or bacteria traps within the media stream. The “FR” and “FO” are slightly different designs, using either elastomeric or metal orings to provide the pressure and hi vacuum seals.

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Soft Seal SAE O-ring Face Seal

Soft-Seal O-ring Face Seal Tube Fittings offer zero clearance tube connections. The Soft-Seal design offers unlimited re-makeability and is forgiving of tube system misalignment and high vibration.

The replaceable elastomeric seal provides superior sealing of fluids and gases at high pressures and vacuum. The high durometer O-ring is held in a precision-machined groove in the fitting body. Available in a myriad of patterns and sizes.

Soft Seal, SAE O-ring Face Seal Fittings

Flared Tube Fittings

37° Flared Tube Fittings are the original “tube fitting” and still the most widely used design. The SAE flared tube fittings rely on metal-to-metal contact between the finished surface of the fitting nose and the inside diameter of the flared tubing to make a seal.

SSP takes great care in the manufacturing process to produce a flared nose surface that far exceeds industry standard specifications. This high finish reduces the likelihood of leakage due to irregularities in the flared tubing.

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Ultra Flare Fittings

Ultra Flare Fittings In addition to the proven 37° design, The Ultra-flare fitting uses a Teflon seal placed into a machined trepan, to assure seal proper alignment.

This seal allows for greater pressure capability, greater remakeability and helps accommodate for tubing misalignment, and sealing surface imperfections.

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Genral Purpose Push To Connect

General Purpose Push to Connect Tube Fittings are ideal for pneumatic installations. Fittings are available in composite polymers, brass, nickel plated brass, and SS. This most user friendly tube fitting merely requires a simple push of the tubing into the body for a leak-proof connection.

Fittings are capable of handing pressures to just over 200 PSI and industrial vacuum ratings (28” Hg). These push to connect tube fittings are designed primarily for polymeric tubing.

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