Hydraulic Hose

Omni Services Provides Superior Quality Hydraulic Hoses

Omni Services is a premier distributor of Eaton fluid conveyance products. Hydraulic hose has evolved significantly over the years and with equipment today running at higher pressures and with increased heat we have the products needed to meet these demands.

Selecting the right hose and connector for the job isn’t always easy, that’s why all our fabricators complete a minimum level 200 training at Eaton Aeroquip school as well as Hose Safety Institute certifications.

Whether you need to visit a retail location to replace a broken hose quickly or are a manufacturer looking for a fluid conveyance specialist to partner with and has the capability of producing thousands of hose assemblies, Omni Services has the products, personnel and knowledge to accommodate your needs.


  • Eaton Aeroquip Matchmate Hydraulic Hose: GH781, GH663, GH493, GH793, FC254, FC300, FC350, FC234
  • Eaton Aeroquip AQP and AQP Hi-Impulse
  • EZ Clip GH134 hose and fittings for refrigeration applications
  • Eaton Synflex 3130, 30CT, 34PW, 3440, 37AL thermoplastic hydraulic hose
  • Eaton Everflex fluoropolymer (PTFE) hose S-TW
  • Reusable fittings, JIC, SAE and DIN metric crimp fittings and adapters, O-ring Boss, O-ring face seal, BSP, JIS, CAT, Code 61 and 62 Split Flange, Komatsu
  • Swivel joints and expansion joints
  • DOT air brake assemblies
  • Brake lines and power steering hoses
  • Hose sleeving and protective wrap: Fire sleeving, kevlar sleeving, plastic and metal protective wrap and bundling
  • SAE hydraulic oil

Hose Types:

100R1, 100R2, 100R3, 100R4, 100R5, 100R6, 100R7, 100R8, 100R11, 100R12, 100R15, 100R16, 100R17, 100R18

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