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Fork Lift LPG Fuel Hose

Omni Services is an authorized distributor of Eaton's Synflex® products. Synflex® is the world's leading forklift hydraulic hose. Our top forklift and hydraulic hose products include the Synflex® 30CT 3,000 psi Hydraulic Hose, Synflex 3130 SAE 100 R7 Medium Pressure Hydraulic Hose, and Synflex 3580. We also carry Eaton's Aeroquip® FC 321 LPG fuel hose and fittings for propane fueled fork lifts.

Benefits of Eaton Synflex Hose:

  • Extremely flexible and designed for constant flexing over pulleys in fork lift masts.
  • Synflex 30CT exceeds 100R18 specs with constant pressure above 3000 psi.
  • Built to resist more abrasion and used in harsher environment compared to other brands.
  • Synflex Hose is used with all grades of hydraulic fluids as it is resistant to most oils and will not degrade.

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Eaton Synflex 30CT Constant Pressure 3000 psi Hydraulic Hose

Application includes Forklift, Mobile Equipment, construction, and machine tools & robotics.

Most notable benefits are as follows:

  • Works well in cold temperatures
  • Very Flexible hose that can easily handle extreme flexing
  • Constructed with fiber reinforcement to prevent hose fatigue failure
  • Rugged construction and lightweight
  • Easy field repair
  • Compatible even with the most demanding hydraulic requirements
  • High working pressure and small O.D. (outside diameter) makes it backward compatible with most forklift pulley applications

Aeroquip’s FC 321 LPG fuel hose and fittings for propane fueled fork lifts

  • Low permeation to LPG fluids
  • Superior chemical resistance to LP gases
  • -40 dg – 250dg operating temperature

Check out our local retail stores for in-stock hose inventory on:

  • LPG Fuel Hose
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Synflex Twinline Hose
  • Metric Fittings and Adapters

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