About Us

About Omni Services - Leading Hose & Fittings Distributor

Founded over 40 years ago on the simple principle that customers come first. Today, that customer focus remains at the core of Omni Services’ culture. Omni has multiple locations and coverage along the East Coast but distributes nationally and internationally.

Omni Services’ company vision is to instinctively and effectively work as member of your staff. Through this effort we feel we can help gain and ensure profitable market share growth in the ever growing global market.

Our Mission - Create Raving Fans!

Omni Services will continually provide a leading edge business model for its valued customers and supplier partners to eliminate redundant supply channel costs. Our longstanding market presence and customer-centric culture will ensure each customer’s personalized business product and service needs will be met with an uncompromised sense of urgency and dedication. Together, utilizing technology, we will favorably embrace the opportunities in the emerging global market.

Our Origins

In the early 70’s there were two types of companies in the world of industrial hydraulics. There were rubber companies whose primary focus was on gaskets, belting, sheet rubber, moldings and extrusions but also sold hose and many other products. There were also hydraulic companies, these companies focused on motors, valves, cylinders and propulsion products while hose and connectors were there to make the power units function.

In neither case was the art and science of fluid conveyance at the core their product/solution offering. Therein lies the birth and niche of Omni Services. Omni created its place among rubber and hydraulics companies as end users increasingly discovered that not all hose and connector products (nor their distributors) are created equal and that there is genuine art and science to engineering the right product for each application.

Omni Services Origin